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Cyclone Guide

Cairns Great Barrier Reef

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  Great Barrier Reef - Cyclone Precautions

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An ounce of prevention ...

If you learn now, what to do when a cyclone threatens, you may well save the lives of everyone in your family. You cannot stop a cyclone. You cannot wait until one hits to learn what to do to survive. Make sure your whole family is prepared. Test their knowledge. 
Before the cyclone season
· Check your house is in good condition, particularly the roof. 
· Trim tree branches well clear of your house. 
· Clear property of loose sheet iron and other potential missiles. 
· Know your community disaster plan. 
· In case of a storm tide warning, know your nearest safe high ground and the best access route. 
· Prepare an EMERGENCY KIT (hold ready in home) 
1. Portable radio with fresh spare batteries. 
2. Torch, fuel lamp, candles, and matches. 
3. Water containers, tinned food, tin opener, self-contained cooking gear and essential spare clothes. 
4. First aid kit and essential medicines. 
5. Masking tape and plastic (garbage) bags.