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Great Barrier Reef Australia

Tours & accommodation in Port Douglas, Cairns, Mission Beach, Airlie, Whitsunday & Townsville region. A totally unique holiday vacation experience like no other destination in the world is the Great Barrier Reef.  
If you're into: scuba diving, snorkelling, golf, white water rafting, tennis, water-skiing on the lake, windsurfing, parasailing, horse riding adventures, swimming, sky diving, bungy jumping, rainforest hikes, hill climbing, viewing coral and marine life in a semi-submersible and a myriad of other great outdoor and underwater excitement, then this is the place to do it all. On our site you will find accommodation from budget hotels to luxury resorts.
With summer almost all year around (during our winter, day time temperatures remain around 26 - 27 degrees Celsius), you can dive virtually 365 days of the year. Local divers say the best time is October, November and December, with water temperatures around 29 degrees Celsius and visibility between 20 and 30 (up to 50) metres most days. January through to March can be a little wet, as it is our monsoon rain season. With rain in the early mornings and late afternoon.
Australia's Great Barrier Reef from any choice of accommodation is where you can enjoy the immense beauty, colour and richness of a truly natural underwater wonder. Two natural wonders actually. The Wet Tropics Rainforest is just a stones throw from any of the towns in the tropical Far North of Australia. Feel the salt spray whilst lazing on the tropical beaches or smell the clean fresh air on the picturesque tablelands plateau.
Port Douglas sits close to the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. With classic palm fringed beautiful beaches to sit, relax, take in the warmth and views and unwind from your Port Douglas Accommodation or take a tour or Explore the reef diving or snorkelling. Also have a look at the Port Douglas Accommodation Specials.
Cairns Australia is one of the leading destination in Queensland just one hour south of Port Douglas and is the gateway to tropical north Queensland Cairns is surrounded the wet tropics rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. Tours and a large range of tours and activities can be enjoyed for your Cairns accommodation. Go here for Cairns accommodation description.
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Giant Sea Clam
Giant Sea Clam