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Visitor Information Atherton Tablelands


Atherton Tablelands, situated close to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, the Waterfalls and Crater Lake District is a wonderful place to spend some time in Far North Queensland.

Townships in the Tablelands region include: Atherton, Millaa Millaa (great waterfalls), Yungaburra (Curtain Fig Tree, TheTablelands most famous tree and many arts & crafts) and Malanda (the norths' only milk producing district).

With an annual rainfall of around 1400mm, Atherton and its immediate district are a lovely tropical green. The towns and villages of the Atherton Tablelands boast a tropical atmosphere and close knit community spirit. Naturally air-conditioned, being an average 700 metres above sea level the district is free of coastal humidity and high temperatures.  The perfect summer retreat. Residents boast that they are blessed with the best weather in the world. With winter getting an occasional helping of early morning frost and the daily temperature around a perfect 21 degrees Celsius.

An ideal position to base yourself to visit the crater lakes areas and even explore further west out to the Gulf Savannah. 


Is a picturesque town right in the heart of Atherton shire. It is also the Tableland's major commerce centre. Most major roads crossing the Tablelands come through Atherton, making it an ideal base on the Tablelands to start your exploring. The Jazz Festival is held annually in July and attracts jazz lovers from all over Australia. Every September, the town hosts the Maize festival, with street processions and a gala ball. 

The area is an ecological wonderland of delight for the traveller. Boasting modern amenities and accommodation facilities. Choose from historic hotels, bed and breakfast, farm stays and modern motels.

Crater Lakes District and beyond

Lake Tinaroo
Lake Tinaroo has all year round barramundi fishing (the only place in Queensland where you can legally fish for Barramundi 365 days of the year). Ideal for water skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing and other aquatic recreation. The Tinaroo Falls Dam which is constructed across the Barron River, is 45 metres high, two-thirds the area of Sydney Harbour and three-quarters the volume. Camping and other accommodation facilities are available. 

With a combined total of over 2000 Hectares Lake Barrine  & Lake Eacham National Parks are two volcanic crater lakes full of crystal clear water surrounded by tropical rainforest. Animals you may encounter include the  Carpet Python, Musky Rat Kangaroo,Water Dragon, the beautiful Blue Ulysses Butterfly and an abundance of birdlife, making it ideal for nature study. Fishing is not permitted in the lakes.

Lake Barrine is a crater lake formed by volcanic activity thousands of years ago. At 731 metres above sea level and with a depth of 61 metres, Lake Barrine provides an ideal location for swimming and picnics. It is surrounded by lush rainforest with a cool walking track around its perimeter. It abounds with wildlife and magnificent twin Kauri pines.

Lake Eacham, the result of a volcanic eruption, contains some of the world's clearest water. It is surrounded by lush rainforest, home to a variety of bird and wildlife which can be viewed by taking a 4km walk around the track the perimeter of the lake. The serene beauty of the the lake's environment entices many visitors who enjoy swimming, picnics and tortoise viewing. Lake Eacham National Park has an area of 51 hectares and the depth of the lake is 65.5 metres.

Malanda With its picturesque scenery incorporating a number of dairy farms, Malanda is a pretty country town. The local swimming hole the Malanda falls. Other features include rainforests walks and the Malanda environmental centre.

Millaa Milla The start of the famous "Waterfall Circuit". There are some six waterfalls within 15 kilometres of Millaa Millaa (Aboriginal for 'plenty water'); The world famous Millaa Millaa Falls, on the outskirts of Millaa Millaa township, the Zillie Falls, Ellinjaa Falls, Mungalli Falls, the South Falls and the Pepeina Falls. Bring plenty of film for the camera and be prepared for some truly breathtaking scenery. 

Yungaburra surrounded by extinct volcanoes, crater lakes, waterfalls, and world heritage rainforest is an area of outstanding beauty. Known as the gateway to the Tablelands, Yungaburra is set 720 metres above sea level and 70 km inland from Cairns. The curtain fig tree near Yungaburra was formed over hundreds of years when the host tree was eventually overwhelmed by a strangler fig. Attractions include historic architecture, platypus viewing, fine art and craft galleries, bird-watching, nocturnal tours and award-winning restaurants.

Going west takes you to Chillagoe, famous for its beautiful limestone-caves with some Aragonite crystals. The geological wonders of Chillagoe were created 410 million years ago. At that time Chillagoe was part of the Great Barrier Reef.
A legacy of fossils, spectacular caves, marble quarries and limestone outcrops make Chillagoe an amazing place to visit.