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Great Barrier Reef Inland & Outback
The Out Back

Outback Australia

Chillagoe Caves, Undara Lava Tubes

  Great Barrier Reef - Outback

The Australian Outback. Queensland Style


A visit to Queensland would not be complete without visiting our vast outback region.

The regions west of Cairns, over the Great Dividing Range are known as the Gulf Savannah. 

Outback MapThis remote area is influenced by the monsoon changes of the wet and dry season. With vast areas changing from dry arid semi desert to expanses of green grass and multi coloured floral carpets.
The changes are so dramatic, it is hard to believe that this outback expanse can be converted virtually overnight by the heavy rains. With wide raging rivers and flooding of the low lying wetlands.

The area is also at the mercy of mother nature. Sometimes the rains just don't come and the dry dusty land can have an appearance of a Mars landscape. especially at sunset.

Hard to believe that all this happens less than 3 hours drive from the tropical lushness of the Cairns coast line.

Of course the trip from the coast is well and truly worth the effort. Watching your surroundings change quickly from tropical rainforest to bushy scrub to wide open spaces.



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