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That the Great Barrier Reef is the only living thing on earth that can be seen from outer space!

600 continental islands and 350 coral cays are spread throughout the reef.

There are approximately 3400 individual reefs that make up the Barrier Reef.

That the Great Barrier Reef was declared World Heritage on 26th October 1981.

The reef stretches for more than 2300 kilometres. From near Fraser Island off the coast of Queensland Australia to the Papua New Guinean coastline.

Not all coral is hard. In fact some are soft and spongy.

The main industry on the reef is tourism. Reported to generate more the 1 billion Australian dollars annually.

Sea Turtles do not have a sex when they are laid; the heat of the sand that they are laid in determines their sex. Sand with a temperature of more than 27ºC (80º F) produces more females. Cooler sand produces more males!

The diversity of life in the reef is immense with approx:
2800 species of fish
400 different types of coral
4,00 molluscs
500 species of seaweed
215 species of birds
15 species of sea snake
6 species of sea turtle

Majestic creatures, such as the giant humpback whales spend their winters in the tropics and may grow to more than 15 metres [45 feet] in length. Tourists revel in the dances that the whales perform right along side their boats. With huge tail flukes they make an impressive display. Another friendly marine mammal is the bottlenose dolphin who enjoy playing in schools. They often ride the bow waves of boats. Both the whales and dolphins are now a protected species.

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Explore the Ocean
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