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Tropical Rainforest
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  Great Barrier Reef - Rainforest



Cassowary The Cassowary is a large flightless bird that has powerful legs that it will use to defend itself or its young. They have caused human fatalities. If encountered, stand still - their eyesight is poor. If the bird acts aggressively, attempt to look as large as possible by raising your arms overhead holding a camera hat or bag. DO NOT RUN. In some areas, birds have been fed and associate people with food. Please don't encourage this practice. They are a wild animal and should be treated as such.  



FERAL PIGS Pigs are not a native animal but have become firmly established in wild populations. Their activities cause considerable impact on national parks. Trapping helps control their numbers. Feral pigs are rarely seen but are potentially very dangerous. If you encounter one, hide behind any available cover or climb out of reach if necessary. Ensure you remove all your rubbish from the national park. Burying the rubbish will not help as pigs will root out buried rubbish.  



Taipan snake head Far North Qld has many snakes including some of the worlds most venomous. Provided commonsense is exercised, the snakes should not pose a problem. Almost all bites are related to a snake being trodden on or interfered with. Snakes are seen regularly in winter in the Far North. They lie in open sunny areas to warm up. In summer, they are active and usually avoid human contact.